Saturday, December 3, 2011

Unemployment rise in 2011
rom Nancy Duci Denofio:

We are in the middle of a season known for "Joy, Peace, Love," while people continue to struggle with everyday life. It all began when men and women were taken away to fight a war we should never have started. We, as I mentioned in other posts, have the intelligence to find anyone within a very short period of time. The war was one of greed, and the Americans who fought, families who waited, and those who suffer from the changes in our society because of a war that killed, destroyed, and changed nothing but our lives, not for the good. Those who fought for us I do give credit, for it takes a strong man or woman to leave and face a world unknown. Nancy

My response: 

Hi Nancy Denofio :) How are you today? Great posting as always! Nancy, I must say that it is amazing that the unemployment rate has not gotten much better. There are some that are getting seasonal jobs, however after the holidays, they are out of work again. I tell everyone that I know that complains about a job that it IS a job and many do not have a job at all and to feel grateful for employment. From what I have been told, many are not receiving unemployment benefits and there is also a wait on getting healthcare through the state as well. It is a struggle in society today for the things our parents advised us that would BE of total security to us in our lives--going to college-getting a good company job--being able to retire at a decent age--buying a home-and government and county jobs would hold as the security for us, for many, do not exist any longer. Nyla Alisia was part of a movement that does help and has seen many changes in Oregon and speaks highly of the movement that she participated in recently. In Maryland, I do not seen a great change right now and 7-11's are being robbed in DC like mad now. Where is the security in walking down the road like we did as kids and knowing you will be safe because society has made better changes to help people, or is it that are next generation will suffer due to lack of recreational centers and libraries that are being shut down? I question many things at this time in 2011 and am hopeful that 2012 qill be more prosperous for all people,a s too many are poverty stricken at this time.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Life Shared with a Twist of Dysfunction

Growing up in a single parent home must have been a struggle for my Mother. I always thought that she must have cried herself to sleep at night many times in her life. I can now say that her life was less of a struggle, in that she was around a supportive family of Brothers and Sisters. I feel that in ones mind we create and recreate situations, trying desperately to redefine and rediscover our own personal identities. Pulled down by others, in what feels, appears to be a dysfunctional family.What are the boundaries? Have we set and kept them and are those boundaries kept with the toxins in our lives; the toxic people that can knock us down at a moments notice with simple a few negative words? Do you today, even know who those toxic people are in your lives? Growing  up is hard enough, however to have to start all over at the ages of 20 and 30 makes it much more difficult in that we are, "Re-learning," and "Revisiting," who we truly are in life as individuals. Toxicity comes in many shapes, forms,and sizes in life and can tear a spirit and soul in half, if you are not truly careful in your lives.  No one is at fault or in the wrong in a dysfunctional family. Maybe I, just as yourselves possibly, was chosen so that I may share my thoughts and visions with you in my new book; this book I started a few days ago which will possibly be titled, "A Life Shared with a Twist of Dysfunction." I was recently compared to someone that had fallen in a dark hole yet my friend Nyla could see my eyes. She knew I was in a rut and would find my way out, (hence throwing me a rope as well so that I could climb out of the hole), which I always do in life, no matter what the struggle. I am a survivor, not a victim in my life. I am solution-oriented, not problem-oriented. There is a definite difference in the two of those--problem oriented OR solution oriented. I was working my way through something; most of my life has been spent working through or towards something in life. I seemed to be that girl that was working on being someone my parents would be truly proud of and I can remember my father's visits like they were yesterday. I wanted to scream,  "Hear me! See me! Tell me how great you think I am, Dad! Talk about me like you talk about total strangers at a bar." I felt like I did not measure up in his eyes all my life; to his expectations. I was truly blessed to have those last four years with him, when we spent ample time together, getting to know each other and bonding with him. He kinda knew me, however never as well a s my Mother.  Mother heard my illness in tones, even when I was on the telephone; she knew I was not taking my allergy medication merely by my voice. She, somehow knew everything about me. Now, I, as a Mother, a Single Mother know my own Mother's struggles. The one thing that she never wanted for me is for me to struggle as she did in her life. Well, here I am, Mom! At least I am not sleeping in a BART bathroom like Will Smith and his son in the famed movie, "The Pursuit of Happiness." It is truly amazing the grace that has refueled my life today, in simply regaining a sliver of my own Independence again in my life.I am not certain when my life truly began, when I was set free of the toxic bondage's in my life; it may be right now, with you, here today.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Today's writing tip from Meg Collins

No matter what the mood you may be in today, writer's block does not exist; we as writer's, always have something to say and it has been said that writer's are much healthier than non-writers in the world. 

Make it a point to write something every single day, for your words have an effect on many people's lives, including my life! Namaste*


Meg Collins
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The Train to Somewhere by Meg Collins

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Frog and a Toad--writer's block?

Today, before nap time, I was reading my daughter the classic story " Frog and Toad Are Friends."Frog was feeling sick and Toad was asked to read him a story or make up a story while he was resting. Toad was stuck with writers block! He banged his head against a wall, stood on his head paced back and forth on the porch and still, no story for Frog. Frog was like "Have you come up with a story yet?" The answer was no and Toad at that point was so exhausted he asked Frog to get out of bed a tell HIM a story and so he did; he told him the story of all the energy it took him to come up with a non story which then became a story. I feel that this, in fact, proves without a shadow of a doubt, that there is no such thing as writers block my friends!

Writers and artists always have something to say every single day and we are in fact known to be healthier than non-writers--did you know that is a fact? Expression of any form is a release, whatever art you are creating, you are releasing healthy energies out of your body, like you do when you are working out as well. The brain craves the stimulation and the release of everything you are holding onto, so you must have healthy outlets.

My tips for today for all artists and writers are the following: TAKE MY TEN DAY CHALLENGE!

1-If you are not creating your art, step outside of the location you are currently in and go outside under a tree, in take a camera into the forest, make a picnic, go on a nature hike or walk, observe a sunrise or a sunset.
My point--change your scenery location! If you write in the kitchen and it is not working, try something new today.

2-Network with other artists in your genre today.
Make it a point to meet someone new in your field every single day for inspiration and connect with them regularly.

3-Get involved in groups
If you are not in at least FIVE different networking groups, start today folks. Networking is key for any business. Choose your network and circle of friends wisely, because in the end, you are who you hang out with, correct?

4-Step outside your comfort zone today and have some fun with you art and/or writing.

5-Blog, twitter, google, facebook, branchout, groups, radio shows, chatrooms--these are mandatory for all artists. Get yourself a bit more involved today--I dare you to and come back and email me at or post on my blog and let me know the results and your findings.

Have a productive day today!

Meg Collins
Author/Radio Host/Editor/Ghostwriter

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blocks removed and restructured

Time is a journey, and each moment is different, as is each experience as well. I have been in different situations within the past month that have been challenging as a writer. I seized writing for a few days and felt like a broken see saw. I felt like I was told the word-HALT--nothing was moving and I was discouraged. I got past it and I got through it as well. I learned this: I must write everyday. It is imperative to my spirit and soul, no matter what I write, I am able to release what is inward and share it with the world. That is a defining moment for a writer; to be true to your talent and your capacity to share with others, that talent that you have within your soul.
Over twenty children's books written and on my third novel and a poet;I love writing, right? :) Rome was not build in a day and neither is getting published. All those books are sitting right now and I know that this is my year to share those books with the world and to donate to cancer research in a local hospital. I learned that I must be patient. Lastly, you must have faith in your capacity as an individual and faith in your talents as a human being, that is crucial. Faith is the root of everything in live, as is forgiveness and love. Believe in you, believe in the people that have lifted you up, no matter what, and brand yourself always. We need to be mindful of branding and re branding, posting new pictures, information, and paying it forward in the industry. What are you lacking today in your writing capacity and what are you challenged with this month? Let's talk and put it out on the table and help one another as writers :) Have a blessed evening! Namaste*

Friday, April 1, 2011

"To err is human."

Everyone makes mistakes and no one person is perfect in this imperfect world, but one person. Take the mistakes you have made and learn and grow from them, as your trials CAN be your tribulations and your tribulations can also be your trials. You never know what life will bring you on any given day. The hard work, effort, persistence, branding, networking, social media marketing--all of it will pay off in time. Try to remember, "Rome was not built in a day." Neither were multi-millionaires.
**Be sure not to burn your bridges within the industry, remember those who have gone to bat for you, and if your ego comes off its dusty shelf and goes into full force with others, sit sown with your ego and take it to tea for a while.** 

The life of a writer is a life long journey. Do not waste time not being you and who you have been called to be within your life; a writer. Namaste*

Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." - Albert Einstein

Welcome to Diary of a Starfish by Meg Collins

"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere." - Albert Einstein

Logic-What is logic in writing and publishing? Logic is using your gut and your intuition.

Be logical by making a daily list of things you need to do every single day:

Hi! How are you? I am back and I have been busy with so many projects and deadlines. My sincere apologies. I am working on 4 script specs, 2 novels, on my 30th children's book and I am a poet as well. I am a starfish in the writing seas of life and am always educating myself on the best ways to manage my time, as in being a writer, the laundry piles up, the sink gets filled, and then all of a sudden, there is a writing idea and you grab whatever you can, a plate, a napkin, or if you are really smart, a notebook is already in every corner of your home. I have fifty notebooks in my home and pens in every single drawer as well. I am always writing. I write every single day, no matter what and there is NO such thing as writers block; writers ALWAYS have something to say, and guess what? Writers are known to be healthier than non-writers so get busy and write today :)


Here is a list of time management ideas to re-structure your time, because YOUR time is valuable!!! With that being said, be logical about your time spent in every single day, prioritize YOUR schedule, turn off your phone, and focus on the tasks at hand in your day. Be logical and make a list :)

Here are some time management tips for you:

I received this list from a dear friend. Nancy went to a time management workshop and sent me this huge list on time management tips and I have put it to practice in my life daily.

To Do Lists:

 *Make a written To Do list daily. Have only one list. Update the list at the same time
   every day.

 *Put a 1,2 or 3 (or A,B,C) next to the three most important items on your daily To Do

 *Don’t fill up an entire day with activities. Leave uncommitted time for interruptions or
   unexpected work to be done.
 *Keep your To Do list in sight while you are working.
* Do your top priority work in your “Prime Times” Prime internal time is when you work
   your best. Prime external time is when you aren’t interrupted.
* Use “tired” time for tasks that require little thinking.
* Use “cracks” of time to start overwhelming jobs.
* Learn to say NO.
* Ask yourself, “What is the best use of my time right now.”

Friday, January 7, 2011

In Being someone else..Poetry Prompt #4

Where did I put my glasses?
I know there were with me earlier
Looking looking looking
Aha they are on my head! Silly me! Chugging my coffee
I will find them stirring to do and my mind, my minds…
minds stirring
butters burnt again! How did I do that I say outloud
that was myyyy last stick of butter
for the pancakes all the pancakes
that serve ten children, ten little children
in an orphanage, my orphanage
I do not have time for mistakes, NONE
Thinking to myself…when, when did people start giving up on children and when, did they think that hurting a child or leaving a child on a doorstep, all alone, covered in twigs, ticks and dirt was of value to ones soul? How do these humans sleep at night? I will never EVER understand….liscense to drive yet not liscense to give birth nor be a parent. No DWI stops for a parent asking goodevening maam…are you happy with your child today and what seems to be the problem in the abck seat today?…your child looks like he has not had a bath in 4 days and I see marks all over his face…and no car seat either..he sits in a lap of his grandmother lets stop the cars and not the parents…lets check the traffic lights you run not the children that are beaten every single day at home and go to school with burns, bruises, urine smelling…lets just do what we do, be robots of humanity, not of people, not of love, not of society-maybe you  but NOT ME, not ever…not me..
 When, WHEN did the people stop caring about the child, these children, all children…??

Johnny, please stop playing like that Johnnydear! No ball throwing at the table how about slacpjack or 21 questions? That would make me smile even brighter than I am already smiling today with you lovelies J

Mixing the pancake batter quickly….
Emily is quiet again today..hmmmm.I worry about Emily
she misses her Mother's bedtime fables
I will read her something readlly specila tonight
The story of Mother Teresa
Maybe just maybe she has not heard of her
Shes so smart
They all are so smart…sigh..sigh..
I found another stick of butter Yes!!!!
this will do just fine
the ball still flying in the air
I laugh out loud
Johnny, I have told you several times little young man of mine
I will say it again today
My gosh my gosh put on your patience hats kids!
this is no ZOO, this is a teeny tiny orphanage!!
quaccck mooo goobble gobble said the kings
another oinking like a pig and a cat and a dog noise from Jimmy and Eliz
all on the floor now making animal noises
laughing I made a sound too
a tear fell with my sound cooo cooo cooo coooo
a peace dove today
one that could give the children a better home
with more hugs than they get every day here at my place
its called house of Meg
I have wanted it all my life
my dream to help the children
the children
the gifts of my life
Okay okay, breakfast is served...
still all on the floor I had pancakes juice, sausage, bacon and fruit cut up and ready to serve
I covered it and knelt down with the kids on the floor
starting to get on all fours like them 
prancing around the tables and the chairs
making animal noises with these amazing kids
the kids that have become like my best friends
a dove sound I cried out again
somehow it gave me peace
no one has come for visiting these children in many many weeks
I am their Mom, I am their dad
I am all they have got
so after breakfast we played bottoms down with the balloon and tape on the floor like it was volleyball
here comes Devin my helper and best friend
we opened Megs orphanage together 
we have always been close friends
gather round folks miss Devin is now here
I have a book to read to you...
let us get in a circle and sit
the book was on the star jewels...
a dove sound I beckoned again
One child looked at me
make no mistake
she knew the call
the call of my soul
for no more abandoned and neglected children
today I love them feed them and
be there in any way I can
I am their shelter under God
A seed planter I am...