Saturday, December 3, 2011

Unemployment rise in 2011
rom Nancy Duci Denofio:

We are in the middle of a season known for "Joy, Peace, Love," while people continue to struggle with everyday life. It all began when men and women were taken away to fight a war we should never have started. We, as I mentioned in other posts, have the intelligence to find anyone within a very short period of time. The war was one of greed, and the Americans who fought, families who waited, and those who suffer from the changes in our society because of a war that killed, destroyed, and changed nothing but our lives, not for the good. Those who fought for us I do give credit, for it takes a strong man or woman to leave and face a world unknown. Nancy

My response: 

Hi Nancy Denofio :) How are you today? Great posting as always! Nancy, I must say that it is amazing that the unemployment rate has not gotten much better. There are some that are getting seasonal jobs, however after the holidays, they are out of work again. I tell everyone that I know that complains about a job that it IS a job and many do not have a job at all and to feel grateful for employment. From what I have been told, many are not receiving unemployment benefits and there is also a wait on getting healthcare through the state as well. It is a struggle in society today for the things our parents advised us that would BE of total security to us in our lives--going to college-getting a good company job--being able to retire at a decent age--buying a home-and government and county jobs would hold as the security for us, for many, do not exist any longer. Nyla Alisia was part of a movement that does help and has seen many changes in Oregon and speaks highly of the movement that she participated in recently. In Maryland, I do not seen a great change right now and 7-11's are being robbed in DC like mad now. Where is the security in walking down the road like we did as kids and knowing you will be safe because society has made better changes to help people, or is it that are next generation will suffer due to lack of recreational centers and libraries that are being shut down? I question many things at this time in 2011 and am hopeful that 2012 qill be more prosperous for all people,a s too many are poverty stricken at this time.

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