Friday, January 7, 2011

In Being someone else..Poetry Prompt #4

Where did I put my glasses?
I know there were with me earlier
Looking looking looking
Aha they are on my head! Silly me! Chugging my coffee
I will find them stirring to do and my mind, my minds…
minds stirring
butters burnt again! How did I do that I say outloud
that was myyyy last stick of butter
for the pancakes all the pancakes
that serve ten children, ten little children
in an orphanage, my orphanage
I do not have time for mistakes, NONE
Thinking to myself…when, when did people start giving up on children and when, did they think that hurting a child or leaving a child on a doorstep, all alone, covered in twigs, ticks and dirt was of value to ones soul? How do these humans sleep at night? I will never EVER understand….liscense to drive yet not liscense to give birth nor be a parent. No DWI stops for a parent asking goodevening maam…are you happy with your child today and what seems to be the problem in the abck seat today?…your child looks like he has not had a bath in 4 days and I see marks all over his face…and no car seat either..he sits in a lap of his grandmother lets stop the cars and not the parents…lets check the traffic lights you run not the children that are beaten every single day at home and go to school with burns, bruises, urine smelling…lets just do what we do, be robots of humanity, not of people, not of love, not of society-maybe you  but NOT ME, not ever…not me..
 When, WHEN did the people stop caring about the child, these children, all children…??

Johnny, please stop playing like that Johnnydear! No ball throwing at the table how about slacpjack or 21 questions? That would make me smile even brighter than I am already smiling today with you lovelies J

Mixing the pancake batter quickly….
Emily is quiet again today..hmmmm.I worry about Emily
she misses her Mother's bedtime fables
I will read her something readlly specila tonight
The story of Mother Teresa
Maybe just maybe she has not heard of her
Shes so smart
They all are so smart…sigh..sigh..
I found another stick of butter Yes!!!!
this will do just fine
the ball still flying in the air
I laugh out loud
Johnny, I have told you several times little young man of mine
I will say it again today
My gosh my gosh put on your patience hats kids!
this is no ZOO, this is a teeny tiny orphanage!!
quaccck mooo goobble gobble said the kings
another oinking like a pig and a cat and a dog noise from Jimmy and Eliz
all on the floor now making animal noises
laughing I made a sound too
a tear fell with my sound cooo cooo cooo coooo
a peace dove today
one that could give the children a better home
with more hugs than they get every day here at my place
its called house of Meg
I have wanted it all my life
my dream to help the children
the children
the gifts of my life
Okay okay, breakfast is served...
still all on the floor I had pancakes juice, sausage, bacon and fruit cut up and ready to serve
I covered it and knelt down with the kids on the floor
starting to get on all fours like them 
prancing around the tables and the chairs
making animal noises with these amazing kids
the kids that have become like my best friends
a dove sound I cried out again
somehow it gave me peace
no one has come for visiting these children in many many weeks
I am their Mom, I am their dad
I am all they have got
so after breakfast we played bottoms down with the balloon and tape on the floor like it was volleyball
here comes Devin my helper and best friend
we opened Megs orphanage together 
we have always been close friends
gather round folks miss Devin is now here
I have a book to read to you...
let us get in a circle and sit
the book was on the star jewels...
a dove sound I beckoned again
One child looked at me
make no mistake
she knew the call
the call of my soul
for no more abandoned and neglected children
today I love them feed them and
be there in any way I can
I am their shelter under God
A seed planter I am...

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