Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blocks removed and restructured

Time is a journey, and each moment is different, as is each experience as well. I have been in different situations within the past month that have been challenging as a writer. I seized writing for a few days and felt like a broken see saw. I felt like I was told the word-HALT--nothing was moving and I was discouraged. I got past it and I got through it as well. I learned this: I must write everyday. It is imperative to my spirit and soul, no matter what I write, I am able to release what is inward and share it with the world. That is a defining moment for a writer; to be true to your talent and your capacity to share with others, that talent that you have within your soul.
Over twenty children's books written and on my third novel and a poet;I love writing, right? :) Rome was not build in a day and neither is getting published. All those books are sitting right now and I know that this is my year to share those books with the world and to donate to cancer research in a local hospital. I learned that I must be patient. Lastly, you must have faith in your capacity as an individual and faith in your talents as a human being, that is crucial. Faith is the root of everything in live, as is forgiveness and love. Believe in you, believe in the people that have lifted you up, no matter what, and brand yourself always. We need to be mindful of branding and re branding, posting new pictures, information, and paying it forward in the industry. What are you lacking today in your writing capacity and what are you challenged with this month? Let's talk and put it out on the table and help one another as writers :) Have a blessed evening! Namaste*

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