Saturday, December 4, 2010

Poem By Anthony Lodesto

As the snowflakes fall
And the cold settles in,
Jack Frost’s bitter chill;
Brushes against cheeks
Adding a peppermint rose glow.

The mistletoe is hung high,
As the dreams of babes
Turn to a man flying by.
Gingerbread smells,
The ringing of golden bells,
Aromatic, tinseled glow
Of the evergreen pine,
Dressed to impress
Shaded presents lie below
Marked hers and mine;

There’s only one gift
Where one wonders about,
When love and holiday come together
Sparked by a scented candle’s glow,
Cherry Chap Stick lips
Meet in the falling snow
Consented underneath the mistletoe.

The Eve of dreams
Are alive and sweet
Making the kissers
Light on their feet,
The one gift
Not wrapped nor topped with a bow,
The magic of the holiday spirit
Brings the truest of gifts
That of the Christmas kiss.

Anthony Lodestro

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