Saturday, December 4, 2010

Graham Nash-- Poem--Creative Utopia

In the moments I find happiness
Transitory gifts of enchantment
From sweet kitten play to prominent prose
Divine happiness is truly in the moments
More and more frequent they appear
Inviting me to willingly bathe within silent pools of wonderment
Beckoning glittering reflection of myself
Bringing enlightenment
Realising potential
Delivering future of what once seemed past
In the moments there is truth
Within each one is limitless hope
Endless possibilities of realisation
Eager to be woven into a grand tapestry
Dressing my life in regal flair
Adorning my crown of scarlet ribbons
Displaying my crimson cloak of serene fulfillment
In the moments you will find me
Pure in essence
Rejoiced in reassurance
Blessed in self contentment
Naked reality laid bare for all to see
No hidden complexities
Mother Natures barefoot daughter
In the moments I am free
To run free
To laugh and whoop with glee
To be me
To be the me that I am
To be the me I long to be
In the moments.................

Audrey and Gray 2010 

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