Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Beast of the Seas

Happy Holidays to all of you! I was watching the movie, "Beauty and the Beast today, " with my darling daughter and was reminded of many things.  Here were my thoughts on the movie in a few words:

Mars and Venus
Choosing wisely
AND Being who YOU were born to be in the writing seas...

Simplicity-be mindful of the people around you and what they bring to the table. Is it joy, laughter, knowledge, wisdom, and grace?

Character-in business, you should never alter your character, meaning who you truly are inside, to get ahead; that is when you run into the next problem, lacking kindness, because you forgot about simplicity, didn't you?

Ego-are you an egomaniac? If you are, good luck to you, as you will be a shark that bites, and I will hence steer clear of you, and that is the truth!

Books and Libraries-now this is interesting for you to hear and remember. Bell in the movie, " Beauty and the Beast," was characterized as, "Different, " and, "Peculiar, " and, "Strange." Why? Because she educated herself, put her head to the books and, look who she attracted-an EGOIST!
Now I ask you this, did she know? Go back and study it before I answer that one, my friends. Did Bell have humility? Watch the movie and find out for yourself :) I challenge you today.
Libraries-she loved books, someone noticed this, and did something beautiful for her. Did you notice who it was in the movie? The Beast. He saw her, and immediately recognized that she was not so strange; she had something to offer even him, a beast. And he knew it too! Now, tell me, how often do you see this in the corporate world? Where a beast, an egoist will really take what you have to say out loud to heart?
 Me-not very often. I hung up on a Hollywood Producer. His ego took over his life, and he could not offer me a thing, and yes, I told him that, jet, show, or not, he had not a morsel of decency in speech, humility, simplicity, knowledge-base, nor in being a multi-millionaire, did he offer anything on Thanksgiving to Brooklyn, NY, where he was stuck for hours. I suggested he pass out some Butterball Turkeys. His words to me, "I have done enough." Do I have contact with him? No way! Why? Because he has done enough to help others, and it was all about what he wants, what he didn't get, and who owes him. You got it, and CLICK! Hung up on him. Blocked him, and asked for no contact.

Libraries-they are SO very crucial. They are free. Many are closing. Help to save them. How? By donating your own books and getting lists. I have started to do that, with my Publisher, Don Odom, as I do not want my local libraries closed. FY 2011 has NO BUDGET for the libraries. So where is the money going is my question to the people. Where? Do your homework on that one and get back to me, okay?

Chances-well, my friends, they surround you today. Hence, I ask you this, are you afraid to take a leap of faith and put your writing out into the world. Why? Why have regrets? The worst thing someone can ever tell you in life is the word no, and when that happens, I know what to do and will help you out, okay?

Roots-go back to where you first began in the writing seas of your life. Who aided you? Where are you now? Where would you like to be right now? What are your goals? Are you writing every day? Remember this, your roots, and who aided you along the writing seas, and never forget that, and thank them if you have not done so in a while. Help someone out that is struggling-why? Because someone did it for you, and because it is the right thing to do in life. It is people helping people.

Mars and Venus-focus on your career before you get involved with someone, as if your insides do not match your outsides, truly, what can you offer? If you are not working on your own goals, who do you think you will attract in your life? Hmmm...think about that for a second will you, please. Why do you think I am single, my friends? I want to attract a good man, a library man, a book man, a man that can appreciate me for what I bring to the table. So, I wait for that man. He will find me one day. No rush. Don't settle, ladies and gentleman. Happiness starts within you! Are you happy enough to give yourself completely to another person? I am, however, he has not found me yet. Again, as they say, "Patience is a virtue."

Choosing Wisely--what is important to you in your career today? Do you prioritize your schedule? I have a planner that I am working on this week that I will be sticking to, as it is my New Year's Resolution. If you have no plan for your goals, how will you ever achieve them in life? Choose a plan, make a schedule, and stick to it.

I end with this today..

 Being who YOU were born to be in the writing seas...

Tell me, who were you born to be in life? Do you even know that today, my dear friends? Let us share the writing seas together, as they do get rocky at times. Be who YOU were born to be in the writing seas; a writer.

Your Starfish friend,

Meg Collins

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