Thursday, December 9, 2010

Writing Prompt on GOT POETRY

This prompt is for the poets here on Got Poetry who want to tackle something other than what you may be used to writing. This prompt is instructional, and tells you what to do and how to do it. Please follow the instructions. <s>

Imagine yourself being in a place the day after a disaster and you have no idea what happened the day before. So use ordinary people. For some odd reason you could walk into a place where you feel alone in a crowd? Perhaps, walking on a beach - and how will you learn about what happened? Remember this is poetry - and the tone and pace is important. Read it aloud, once you are finished, listen to the words, all the words should move as if in motion.

USE real people, no one famous. Pick somewhere, anywhere. You know nothing, and you are faced with a mystery, how will it end? Ordinary REAL life - something like this can happen.

This one should be interesting to write - and to read. Thanks Nancy

Meg Collins writing Prompt on Dec. 8, 2010

I was walking along the beach
the same beach I walked on yesterday
I think it was around 1pm
the beach was swarming with people
children playing
many bright colored buckets of sand and
water and sandcastles were being made
and children digging for sea crabs
remember those tiny little guys in the bottom of the sand?
children playing merrily
digging and digging for sand crabs
laughter and smiles and
the ocean waves crashing amongst the
many granules of sand on the oceans shore
the life guards were watching 
wearing their zinc oxide on their noses
I remember there were ten stands
20 people total in the stands
and a vendor selling food and drinks because
it was 90 degrees
many umbrellas
 mostly blue and yellow and green
I walk the beach today and
the sands are there
the seas are roaring
louder than I have ever heard before
people are scattered, buckets flying to and fro and
lifeguards running
the beach is empty now
it is me
and the ocean
and the sea of blue angry waves
growing bigger
and bigger
and bigger than I have ever seen before
i am alone
but am I?
I see buckets yet no people
 no sand crabs
but no guards
I walk the beach of the roaring seas
no smiles
no laughter
no people
picnic baskets left behind
and a net up for volleyball
and the castles
the sand castles that I viewed before
in the contest
there were 15
they are all gone!
who am I by this sea?
do I matter?
and if I do matter..
why did all the people run
and where do I stand now
among a world of silence
and roaring seas
with no smiles to see today
only that of the angry and roaring seas
only the roars
where did you go?
and why,
why did you leave me here, all alone?

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