Friday, December 3, 2010

The Diary of a Starfish by Meg Collins

Hi!  My name is Meg Collins and welcome to my new blog, "The Diary of a Starfish." 

Here you will experience and be able to discuss freely the roller coaster ride of being a full-time writer. What do you struggle with as a writer? Do you get writer's block and does it truly exist for a writer? Where do you go for inspiration? Who are you networking with these days? Are you published? Here, you will hence, feel inspiration from myself and many other writer's, his or her journey's and struggles. Rome was hence not built in a day, and neither was I, however I am learning as a new member of this big sea of writer's that I am a Starfish! As a Starfish, I coast, travel around, network, and study other writer's and artists. Every once in a while I get stuck, really stuck on a coral reef and get pulled off of the coral by a kind soul! 

Are YOU studying other writer's and artists?
If you are not doing that, I encourage you to START TODAY! Join my sea of writers today and tell me, what kind of sea creature are you today and why are you that sea creature? What do you aspire to be in this big sea of writer's? Share that with me and a bit about yourself, and together, we will travel the ocean seas together, as friends, and sea creatures, and as aspiring writers. Namaste*

Fast Writing Prompt on GOT POETRY

Daily Chores

the first two lines are in a childs voice, thoughts etc. and the grown up is a grown up, the way your grown up person would act.
NOTE: The child doesn't know what the grown up is thinking and the grown up doesn't know what the child is thinking. If you read this out loud in two voices it gives you the feeling of both. TRY IT!

A day in the life of a Mother :)


I want to paint again
I know that I have been painting all day long and
I made a mess on the cheap rug and didn't throw the
paints on the red rug. I am sorry.
Please, there are two things of paints left and I am crying for more!
Drink your coffee and bring them to me. I will use my manners.

Laundry, cat needs to be fed, paints first, then dishes, trash, out of creamer,
using her milk for my second cup of coffee, then more laundry to be folded. Sigh.
and now there is a call again, click button, voicemail.
Now I have ten to call back.
Don't they know I am busy? We are doing phonics and painting.

Painting! Woo Hoo!
I could paint all day long!
I twist and turn my brushes to make squiggle marks and
now... dot dot dot dot dot and swirl! Happy!!
Ugh oh! I spilled again all over the wrong carpet. (she looks around to see if Mommy noticed).

Emergen-C 4 packs today, worn out but so much to do and so little time
I need to buy expresso roast again, seem I get more done
and the whole house is clean within an hour! Why is it taking me 4 hours today to do a few simple things?
There's the maid who doesn't know how to clean my house again for $65 dollars-and click! Voicemail. I am at 11 now. Coffee is so good. I could live on this stuff, forget food.

la dee da dee da! blue and green and yellow and brown and purple and black
so many colors and look at all that paper that is left over there how do i get to Hmmmmm...
unstrap and up..ugh oh here she say me again-busted
hopped back in my high chair really fast wonder if she found the 10 crayons I stashed in the high chair this morning and the marks on the wall...she has been running around today. maybe I should help her out later.

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